Portraiture: This was one of my favorite subjects: portraits. I have always liked portraits the most, much of what got me into photography was the portraits of celebrities in the fifties through eighties. I also really like the candid portraits that capture moments in cities like New York. The imperfect, genuine settings of those photos always gave a strong impression, since they are able to tell a story. I wish I had more time to develop and shoot this project, but I did not take photos of as many people as I wanted to. My beginning goal was to take photos of strangers in Portland, with permission. I wanted to capture people in their work setting, as inspired by the photographs I talked about earlier. I also wanted to capture strangers working because over the summer I learned about "observational documentaries", where a camera is placed somewhere and it is simply a raw video of people with tons of different occupations. These non-set up shots feel incredibly real. My photos are mostly of students around campus, and my dog. I wanted to have people looking at the camera, to capture emotion, but I had people stay where they were for the sake of telling their story. 

Canon 7D mark i

Mode: Manual​

June 12, 2018

Light Room