This painting project was a new step for me because I was able to use the skills I built up during my time at RISD over the last summer. My initial inspiration was Edward Hopper paintings, as well as Ed Ruscha. Both of these painters had the skill to use light really well. What I like about hopper is his ability to strongly evoke a sense of loneliness in his paintings, along with his rendering of light to help tell a story or build a scene. Ed Ruscha does some of the same things but incorporates more graphic elements, with vague half ironic meanings. I started by trying to combine my Edward Hopper inspiration, interest in film, and photography by building a wide frame to make it mimic a cinematic aspect ratio, as well as giving me more space to make a composition that incorporated the emptiness in Hopper paintings. The space ended up feeling unresolved, so I incorporated graphic elements. I like creating juxtapositions in art, so I laid down a frame of white paint using tape, and made a cliché abstract painting within my own. I then painted in a yellow rectangle, as a way to introduce a graphic element to complete the piece. I made it as simple as possible, because I didn't want to over do it, because I'd rather have the audience work more to understand the piece.